About Us

La Palma UAE

La Palma is a growing Middle East trading company that provides the United Arab Emirates market with access to genuine Italian products.  La Palma is a top-notch foodservice wholesaler and distributor through its cost-effective smart food solutions and its superior services.  Our company allows other nations to share in the authenticity of Italian culture and its high-quality products.

La Palma distributes a variety of commodities that are sourced from prominent international manufacturers, including dry, frozen, and ambient products.  We supply these Italian food products to corporate organizations, hotels, restaurants, the catering and vending industries, coffee shops, and supermarkets.

La Palma’s success has come as a result of our vision and our determination to constantly exceed our own high quality control standards, as well as our perseverance in finding better ways to meet the needs of our customers.

We guarantee the utmost level of professionalism from our company.  As a result, La Palma has formed mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and respect with both our clients and suppliers, earning the reputation as the best in the industry.

La Palma offers a plethora of services.  Primarily, La Palma provides access to genuine high-quality products from esteemed companies such as Monini, La Molisana, Kimbo, San Carlo, Pernigotti, and Forno D’Asolo.  With La Palma, our clients can purchase products such as Monini Olive Oil, the number one olive oil in all of Italy, La Molisana pasta, a product loved in over 80 countries, and Kimbo’s 100% pure ground roasted coffee, an espresso sought after all over the world.

We also have a platform that utilizes the latest technology and is very easy to use.  With this technology, users are able to access what they need on the platform effortlessly.

La Palma additionally supplies customer-centric services, where the customer’s satisfaction is the number one priority of the company.  By providing our customers with positive experiences, our company has gained a significant competitive advantage in the industry.

Along with our customer-centric mindset, La Palma aims to produce the most efficient delivery services.  To do so, La Palma implements the best logistical solutions so that our clients’ products are delivered smoothly.